Introduction to Stratospheric Dynamics

(Atmospheric Dynamics Lunch Seminar 2/7/17 notes)


MIT Chem 5.60 Thermodynamics and Kinetics (Spring 2016)

Exam 3 Review Notes

Final Exam Kinetics Notes


MIT EAPS 12.003: Introduction to Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics (Fall 2015)

The Greenhouse Effect: Recitation Solutions

Lapse Rates: Recitation Solutions

Momentum: Recitation Solutions

Nondimensional numbers: Recitation Solutions

Geostrophy and Thermal Wind: Recitation Solutions

Ekman Transport and Sverdrup Balance: Recitation Solutions

Lecture: Barotropic and baroclinic fluids

Final Exam Review Part 1

MIT Glass Lab Workshop on Warm Glass June 2017

I taught a two day workshop for twenty members of MIT Glass Lab on glass fusing and slumping, which I learned in high school and is a continued hobby. I focused on the intersection of warm and hot glass, targeted at hot glass artists. A couple of pictures from the workshop are below, and please contact me if you would be interested in a similar program.